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designEX 18-20 April 2012

designEX 2010

After a long decision of what to do career wise - I have made up my mind and decided to go back to interior designing. Now with that, interior designers must be informed of the best of the best in designs. Thus the reason why I have decided to go to Australia’s 2012 designEX in Sydney at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

What is designEX?

Australia’s leading design and architecture event, designEX presents the best in contemporary and classic designs. This trade only event has been at the forefront of the design and architectural arena for 24 years. The verified professional visitors attend, to be informed and inspired as they discover the latest products and design trends from local and international studios and brands. 

Whether your a designer, architect, interior designer, specifier, property developer, retailer or otherwise involved in the design or building industries, you’ll find essential information and innovation at designEX

Who can attend?

Only design & building professions. You must show that you are part of whatever industry your from by showing a business card and a letter from your employer stating that you are apart of this industry as an employee. 

As designEX is an industry-only business event, people under the age of 16 are not allowed to attend. 

Students are allowed to visit the event, but must pre-register for designEX. Only people studying interior design, architecture, building construction or related courses qualify for entry to designEX. All registrations must be accompanied by Student ID and a letter from you lecturer confirming that you are studying an interior design or architecture related course. 

So designEX is quite some serious business. I am extremely looking forward to attending. 

The ol’ beautiful guesthouse

If there is one place I could be right now, that would be France. In my search for French interiors, I came across this gorgeous maison d’hotes (guest house) which I would love to share with you. La Bergerie de Feline, a former 19th century barn is located in an area called La Drome (its not far from Lyon) 

All rooms are decorated with great taste: modern furniture and accessories are combined with traditional elements.

The bergerie is situated on the hillside offering stunning views on the surroundings.

D.I.Y Branch Hanger

This is a simple d.i.y project for those who are looking to create a new, quirky, stylish and different way to hang your beautiful clothes. Won’t cost you very much, just go find a branch in your backyard, ensure though it is a size that will fit your hangers nicely. Paint it white (or whatever colour your wall may be that your hanging it against) get some hooks & fishing wire (enough to hold a lil bit of weight) and voila your done!

*Its best to buy hangers in the colour your painting, or something similar* 

Egyptian Pendants

The beautiful copper (with silver coating) pendant lights are an awesome add to any home. These pendants are handmade in Egypt.


Today I’m loving…this limited edition LOVE bag! Perfect to take to the beach or for a weekend away. The unique bag is hand made from recycled sailing cloth (100% cotton). It is made by local fisherman in Kenya who now are able to earn an income to support their families (which they couldn’t with fishing)


Hi everyone, 

I have finished majority of all the work for all my websites, so please check them out now! I have created my first post for my eblog, and i’m sure you’ll like it.

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I am sure you will all enjoy either one of my sites, I will get a youtube account set up, but for now i’ll just be uploading articles on my various of websites.

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I am sure you will all enjoy either one of my sites, I will get a youtube account set up, but for now i’ll just be uploading articles on my various of websites. So do stay tuned for more. If you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ my Facebook account and Twitter - you’ll be sure to be updated for the most recent and forthcoming articles/videos !
-Mischievous Ramblings

Re-vamp, renovations, re-launching*

Just a few words to describe what i’ll be doing in the next few days. Obviously the words mean ‘to change’ (err…sort of, I think - not a walking dictionary) 

I have decided to re-do my tumblr, to create a page that includes daily musings of mine;

Interiors (for all those aspiring Interior Designers like me, or because you simply have a passion for interiors)

Beauty (for all those beauty nuts - i’ll be testing out products, and leaving rates on how they went, and what I would recommend for different skin types etc)

Make-up (Yes, I do think that Beauty and make-up are in different categories, simply because there is way to much of everything these days - however it’ll be an overview of make up tips etc)

Books ( A personal touch from me, I absolutely adore books, also because I know i’m not the only book worm out there)

General Daily Life Stuff (Not sure exactly what I was meaning, but however I am sure i’ll figure it out along the way)

I’ll be putting up links to my various websites for you to all check out. In the mean time - Follow me my darlings. 

Mischievous Ramblings.

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